Ford Mustang Engine

American engines are among the most widely used engines in the Performance world. Besides being used in the automotive industry, these engines are also used in the tractor pulling, drift world and drag racing scene.

With great regulariy, the block from American cars are adjusted and tuned with the aim of getting more power out of them. There are various brands that supply materials and parts for the American blocks. This not only concerns the replacement market, but also the brands that supply performance products.

Another carburetor, intake manifold or air filter can contribute to the car’s power. Together with the right settings (and of course the right driver), award-winning cars or tractors can be put together. Wilmink Performance supplies various brands of performance parts, we will take you along in a short summary.


One of the brands is Holley Performance Products. Holley is an American brand with more than 100 years of experience.Holley again includes various brands. They supply air filtersmanifolds and carburetors. Besides Holley, Edelbrock also supplies a large number of carburetors. There are of course differences between the two brands. Read more about these differences in this blog.

In- en outletvalves

Various options are available for the delivery of valves. In addition to SupertechFerrea Racing Components also supplies various valves for American engines. Both brands offer a large number of standard inlet and outlet valves. These valves are usually in stock but we can also contact them for custom made valves. Curious about the production of custom valves? Then read our blog about custom made parts!

Conrods and pistons

Of course there are also pistons and connecting rods available for various US Engines. CP-Carillo is one of the brands from which Wilmink Performance offers pistons and conrods. Although CP-Carrillo has the standard sizes and oversizes available from stock, customization is also possible. Making a custom piston or connecting rod is an extensive project. In our blog ‘Trilogy – custom made pistons and conrods‘ we explain more about these special activities.

And many others

In addition to the parts mentioned above, there are also gaskets, cylinder heads and complete blocks available. Brands such as Cometic Gasket, Dart, Eaton, Fel-Pro, Moroso and Silv-O-Lite form a large part of the parts that can be supplied by Wilmink Performance.

On our website you will find a total overview of the brands that we can deliver!

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