Trilogy – Customized parts

Sometimes you need a part that is no longer available or made as a standard part. Think of a different size of connecting rod, a larger piston, larger valves or a gasket with larger bores or a specific thickness. Wilmink Performance can help you with this problem! Wilmink Performance can have various customized articles made by its suppliers. In this series of three blogs we take you into the world of custom-made connecting rods, pistons, valves and gaskets. In this first blog, we dive into the world of gaskets. 

Tailor-made: Gaskets

For making custom-made gaskets, Wilmink Performance uses the services of Cometic GasketCometic is an American company that originally produced gaskets for the performance world. In the first year, 1989, more than 900 different gaskets were in stock. Today, that number has grown to more than 85.000 different gaskets, suitable for various sports. In addition to gaskets for the high-performance world, they also supply gaskets for the watersports, sport compact class, V-twin engines, diesel, agri and industrial branches. 

In addition to ‘standard’ gaskets, Cometic Gasket also supplies customized gaskets. They deliver quality products, tailored to the wishes of the customer. In addition to using the highest possible quality materials, they use the latest techniques. Whether the situation requires the use of MLS (Multi-layer steel) gaskets, or, for example, a mix of synthetic substances such as aramid fibers, Cometic Gasket will find a suitable solution for customer. 

MLS gaskets

MLS gaskets are made from three or five layers of stainless steel. This steel is stronger and resists corrosion. The outer layers of the gasket are embossed on both sides and are coated with a Viton rubber material that meets the tough requirements of sealing, loading and surface finishing. This Viton coating is heat resistant to 250 degrees Celsius. The middle layer, or filler layer, consists of an uncoated stainless-steel layer which can consist of various thicknesses in order to form a suitable solution.  

In addition to MLS, Cometic Gasket also supplies gaskets made of copper, spring steel, aramid fibers, aluminum or AFM (Aluminum foamette material). The latter is chemically inflated nitrile rubber, which is combined with an aluminum core. This gasket can handle temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius. The advantage is that gaskets made from AFM do not require any sealant or re-tightening. 


Cometic Gasket combines advanced materials with the most current production processes to offer tailor-made solutions. They look at the environment in which the gaskets must perform, they select the right materials and apply the right technology to be able to develop and produce the best-performing gasket. Whether it is a very modern or vintage car, Wilmink Performance is always looking for a suitable solution with Cometic Gasket. 

Looking for a tailor-made gasket? Please contact our productspecialists to help you find the right one!